Jet Airways American Express Platinum Card

Amex Jet card is the most rewarding card among all other Jet Airways co-branded cards from HDFC, ICICI and Indusind.

It is a credit card with pre-set limit and not charge card like American Express Gold Charge Card

CF Score 5/5


  • 10,000 welcome Bonus miles on joining.
  • One way complimentary Jet airways domestic ticket (only base fare wave off, taxes payable)
  • 8 JP miles per Rs. 150 on all spent except Fuel, Insurance, Utilities and Cash
  • 16 JP miles per Rs. 150 spent on
  • Complimentary iPrefer Elite Tier membership from Preferred Hotels & Resorts
  • Redeem your JP miles for free Jet Airways tickets and get a return value up to Rs. 1 for 1 JP mile (varies time to time)
  • Excellent customer service. Very polite and expert agents deployed for customer service and hold time is also less than a minute.
  • Good Credit Limit – Amex is very aggressive in offering high credit limit which helps make a strong Credit portfolio.

Joining/Annual Fee

  • Joining Fee 5,000 +GST which returns 10000 JP miles + one-way domestic ticket.
  • Renewal Fee 10,000 +GST which returns 5000 JP miles + one-way domestic ticket.

Application Process

Application process for new card at Amex is just awesome, below example will explain all;

  • Day 1 – An Amex card sales team met me outside HyperCity and explained me detailed benefits/tnc. I signed the form and submitted a copy of PAN and DL (we usually keep it in our pocket). Got an SMS from Amex as your application is conditionally approved.
  • Day 2 – I was requested to submit latest 2 month payslip and account statement, they arranged a pickup and I submitted.
  • Day 4 – Got a verification call from Amex explaining fee/charges and benefits and took my confirmation on recorded line
  • Day 7 – Card delivered at my doorstep on seventh working day of application.

The only condition is annual income should be 6 Lakh and above with no Cibil defaults.

Does it worth paying Rs. 5900 (5K+GST) as joining

This is the question most people as about – I personally don’t recommend this card person who don’t travel by air even a single time in a year.

It all depends on your lifestyle and income. If you can afford to travel by air for a family trip/outing at least once a year then paying 5,900 for this card is worth for you. Let’s have an example below

I paid 5,900 as a joining fee

Got a flight voucher used it book a ticket between Mumbai-Kolkata (usual fare between 8k-12k) by paying just taxes Rs. ~800. Here- logically I recovered my 5900.

Now I’ve 10,000 JP miles which I can use for a domestic ticket (BOM-Delhi) or may be two tickets for short distance (eg. BOM-JAIPUR, BOM-BLR, BOM-GOA, Delhi-Lucknow etc.)

Next benefit is applying from here is to get additional 2000 JP miles. So click on link below to apply and get 12000 bonus JP miles on joining.

Renewal fee waiver

Paying 10K renewal fee for one-way air ticket and 5000 JP miles sometimes doesn’t’ worth to some people who already have lot of JP miles available (like me) can get a renewal fee waiver if last year relationship was good with Amex (spent ~1 Lakh on all your Amex card). Once my card was charged for renewal fee – I called Amex helpline about it and got a 50% waiver on renewal fee with all renewal benefits remained same. I know one of my friend who got 100% renewal fee waived off with no renewal benefits.

So the bottom line is if we are using Amex card fairly, we do not need to worry about fee and charges, that all will be taken care by American Express.

JP Miles redemption

Most of us are aware about only redemption option for JP miles is just redeem it for Jet airways tickets. I would like to inform you that JP miles can also be used for;

  1. Booking jet airways domestic and international flights
  2. Redeem JP miles for Hotel booking at
  3. Redeem JP miles for amazon vouchers –
  4. Redeem JP miles for various other e-vouchers;

Here the noticeable point is you can redeem 4493 JP miles for amazon voucher worth Rs. 1000 which brings 22.25 paisa per JP miles.

We earned 8 JP miles for 150 spent and if redeem it for amazon voucher our saving is 8*22.25 paisa = Rs. 1.78.

Rs. 1.78 saved for spent of Rs. 150 which is more than 1%.

But again – redeeming JP miles for flight booking is the best value back where it will come up to 1 JP miles = 1 Rs. And thus value back is 5%+.

While American express cards are widely accepted for online merchants, you may be denied at some of offline store (small store/shops) for acceptance of this card. This is because high transaction charges levied to merchant by Amex. But all big malls/stores accept the Amex cards.

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